Your first appointment
Many patients are scared of the first appointment in a dental surgery. We understand that and are sensitive to your needs. Our biggest goal is to make every patient arriving in our dental centre feel comfortable and safe. Our clients are always precisely informed about the treatment plan, various possibilities and the cost of treatment. Your first appointment will be suited to your needs, we will make sure that you’re satisfied.

During your first appointment:

  • We fill out your treatment history for you
  • The doctor will give you a thorough examination of your teeth and your mouth cavity
  • Through a camera inside your mouth, the doctor will show you all the teeth which need to be treated
  • We will develop a dental treatment plan with various options to choose from, which then will be explained to the patient
  • We will inform you about the cost of treatment and answer all of your questions

Offer: Surgery, Endodontics, Teeth whitening, Prosthetics, Implants, Orthodontic, Treatment of children, Bruxism